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Lucky Dip

Lucky Dip

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Lucky dip

Our lucky dips are limited edition and will be picked at random- whilst being filmed and put on TikTok. We have 2 options for the lucky dips and a couple of different prices for you to choose from. The number of items received will depend on the items picked and the amount you purchased but we will make sure the items have a retail value equal to or more than what you pay (if it is a sale item we will go off the sale price). Eg if you select a £10 box and an item with a retail value of £15 is chosen, you receive this while if an item of £5 is chosen followed by a £10 item, you will receive both- it’s the luck of the draw! 

General- the general box contains premade items with general designs on them so anywhere between ghost cans, flower cold cups, elephant keyrings, Christmas bookmarks and cloud pin badges and everything in between just nothing personalised as it is all pre-made

Personalised- this will contain a wide range of blank items including cans, tumblers, keyrings etc which will be selected at random and then personalised (please leave the name required at the checkout and any fav colours for the text or a text colour will be chosen at random) 

Please note we have 2 boxes (one for the general lucky dip and one for the personalised). These have packaging peanuts in them and items will be picked at random. These items are final and cannot be exchanged/refunded. All orders for the lucky dip will be filmed for TikTok- if you are not on TikTok and want to see yours picked please message me and I’ll send you the video. These are limited edition- when stock is gone it is gone!! 

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