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Scrunchie lucky dip box

Scrunchie lucky dip box

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Our scrunchie lucky dip box comprises of our hair scrunchies and scrunchie wristlets.

what will you get?

- our small £10 box contains at least 3 items.

- our medium £20 box contains at least 7 items

- our large £30 box contains at least 12 items 

please note it will be ensured that your box contents value is at least that of what you pay- for example if we pick 3 scrunchies for your small box, you would receive a 4th item as scrunchies are £3 each so would value your box at £9 without this additional item.

Hair scrunchies are £3 singularly and scrunchie wristlets are £5 so if you receive 3 scrunchie wristlets in your small box, you will essentially receive one free! 

Please note we cannot accept requests for particular items or colours and due to being a lucky dip, these are exempt from refunds or exchanges. 

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